Spain Walks

An Unexpected Turn of Events

November 2013 - last day this trip before heading home and I awake after a very comfortable night as the sole guest of the completely unattended Casa Lares in Casas de Don Pedro. By 0900 though, I'd given up on the idea of walking to Valdecaballeros, some 50 Km distant by road - and with no obvious alternatives. More to pass the time than anything I tried google maps for directions (always try google maps for directions) and to my astonishment a route just 35 Km long unfolded before me. And it is a great walk. You leave Casas de Don Pedro heading north along a very dull tarmac road that goes nowhere. Turn right at a rocky ridge, leaving the road behind and head into a pine-strewn mountainous valley - then just keep going until you reach the lakeside road which joins the N430 to the south and Valdecaballeros to the North. A long day - but a spectacular walk.